Wednesday, 21 November 2012

C. Hub so far with friends like you.

Dear friends,
It has been a very interesting time for C. Hub magazine. A new baby in the vast and stiff competitive media market. Fortunately we are optimistic and the sky is looking up on us. The team at C. Hub have been working so hard to make sure we keep the high standard that we have set.
Our first issue was and still is the talk of the town, we had everyone looking to have a sneak into the issue with the graceful cover image photographed by Subysinem, it was the bomb!

C. Hub issue 1
We are delighted to let you know that we had over 1000 on line hit with this issue and lots of words of encouragement have been sent to us. On face book we have been able to reach our first month target of 100 likes and now we have set another target of 500 before Xmas. To us this is a huge progress. On sales we have had a massive result both here in the UK and in Nigeria and now we are looking to expand into other parts of Africa including  Kenya, Ghana and South Africa.
C.Hub issue 2
Most amazingly, we have kept to our promise of getting you much loaded issue for the second time running.

This time we have covered on travel, home, food, health, fashion, creative lounge, money sense, features and more. We are proud to tell you that our cover icon this issue is Liz Ogumbo who is an epitome of what a strong bold woman should be. She has re-invented the modest woman and we have not left any story untold. Exclusively speaking to us, Liz has let us tell you of her 3 days wedding in 3 venues and we think her latest collection La romance d'ete has been inspired by this Prince charming who has been so lucky to grab her soul forever. But is that what Liz believes? You have to find out for yourself.

Social media have become a very important part of business and we have spoken to one of Britain's social media millionaires and you will find out how he did it only in C. Hub magazine issue 2. Also we were at Beffta awards, NEL awards, Jewish world jamboree and Irockuk's tribes of Africa fashion event. There is so much more to discover inside C. Hub issue two as you can see.
This new issue is digitally available  for free to our priority list on our facebook fan base. If you wish to get this issue free simply like our facebook page or follow us on twitter. It's that simple.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mi-fone and Emoze have teamed up to launch a new range of smart feature phone devices

Mi-fone and Emoze on the 14th of November 2012 announced the launch of yet another range of smart  feature phones embedded with push mail and messaging technology from Emoze. This will make the next generation of Mi- fone phones more user friendly with email and instant messaging facilities available. Now users will be able to easily and securely access both their business and personal emails, synchronise their email contacts and calendar, view office attachments, send voice messages via email and yet have a real time chat via pin messaging with friends.

More to these new generation phones is that the Emoze features are fixed in the operating system of the phone and does not require any middle ware or run time environment to load. Rather it starts as soon as the phone is powered on. Most importantly, its suitable on any IP- based network and does not require any sms integration.

Speaking of the partnership, Alpesh Patel founder and CEO of Mi-fone tells C. Hub that, "through this partnership with Emoze, we can now provide our users with these important elements and features to their phones giving them the ultimate mass market user experience. With these, they will become more productive. We call this 'Aspiration Within Reach'".
Since 2008, Mi-fone has been creating this 'Aspiration Within Reach' for the majority of African market. Focusing on the needs of Africans and providing innovative solutions targeted primarily at the African youth. Mi-fone has successfully created a niche for of its own within the highly competitive mobile phone market for the past 4 years having sold over 1 million units for this period. The key survival being its experienced yet agile management team. Mi- fone continues to expand and innovate and now operates in over 17 markets in every section in Africa including Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Angola and South Africa.

Emoze on the other hand was established in 2006 and is the world leader in providing transparent synchronised mobile push messaging and push content solutions for handset manufacturers, mobile operators and enterprises. Emoze which is a part of Emblaze group also supports all major email providers, instant message services and social networks. The architecture is based on reliable, scalable server technology that offers a low cost ownership.