Friday, 4 April 2014

The DIVA Collection; For all the women that you are!

Divas of Colour 2014 has come and gone, but we still remember the inspirational women (and men) who turned up for the event, and the different categories and shapes and sizes and characters they came in too. 
We know women play and answer to many roles in this lifetime, ranging from daughter, sister, aunt, wife, sister/daughter-in-law, employee, employer and the ultimate, mother and maybe, mother-in-law too. Phew..! what a list eh? 
Most women wear these many titles effortlessly, whilst others do struggle a bit. 
But however many things you have to tick off your checklist of things to do and do well, your wardrobe need not be one of them. Here, we have helped pick out some staples to give you inspirations for all the different women that you need to be on different days. Show the world all the many Divas that is inside you!!! 

1.'Girly Diva'. Young and chic @Heart. For those days when you feel like the same sweet school girl every boy fell in love with. It's in your carefree dress sense. No fuss, no pomp, but with all the 'girlishness' that can be found in you. You are the epitome of youth and health. Smooth skin and shiny hair, young and fresh....its all you.

2.Yummy Mummy Diva. When you are just feeling on top of the world. Kids are healthy, family is settled, you feel a little less pressured. You want to let your hair down with the girls and show your gorgeous self some deserved attention, stylishly but without going crazy. Enjoy it, it may only last until the kids come home from school, but with this style, it's very easy to pick up where you left off. (wink...!)


3. Boss Diva: Some call you the CEO. You are your own boss. You work in a male dominated industry, but you will not let them forget you are a woman. You always power dress, but without compromising your sexiness or your feminine curves. You do work-to-party dressing so effortlessly. Minimal but powerful jewellery if any.You are the woman every girl aspires to be. You do not wish to compete with the men for domination of power because you know they know you are all brains behind that beauty. You are strong, you are independent, you are the Boss Diva. 

4. Glam Diva: You are a glam diva and you make no excuses for it. You like being flirtatious and having a great time and you want the world to join in. You work hard and know that when it's time to party, you do it because you deserve it. Your sex appeal is in your freedom to be you. You are most likened to Marilyn Monroe, but that's ok with you, because as you know, she was a power house of brains behind all that jazz! Glitter, glitz and glamour all the way for you. You are a Glam Diva! 


5. Urban Diva: you are the one that your conventional mother-in-law just loves. You represent a chic modern woman without compromising on your femininity. You don't power struggle with her for her son's attention (or so she thinks). You are sweet without being overly so. Your colours are low key, but with hints of your power in the accessories you pick. You are chic, but you do the urban girl look oh so pretty well. You are a Sugar Sweet Urban Diva.

1. Girly Diva.  
Lace collar dress; Jaeger. Mini satchel and wedge sandals; both Dune.
2. Yummy Mummy Diva. 
Texured red dress; Jaeger. Tan, nude and black tote bag; Marks and Spencer. Tan wedge sandals, Dune.
3. Boss Diva.
Zipped down Leather dress; Kardashian Kollection at Clutch purse; Boticca. Shoes; Pied a Terre.
4. Glam Diva.
Sequined skirt dress, Glam Sequined clutch purse,Monsoon. Nude glitter sandals, Lipsy
5. Urban Diva.
Yellow dress, Multi-strand, multi-coloured necklace, Penneys. Multi coloured  patch shoes, Moda in Pelle. 


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Fashion Parade on the OSCARS....2014!!

On Sunday, the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles saw the biggest fashion show in the world, as stars came out in their finest to grace the red carpet at the Oscars, the most coveted piece of award in the world of film and entertainment industry.
Of course to be nominated is an amazing honour, but to win? Even better! Not that I don't love it, or appreciate the awards, it's just that I am more interested in the fashion aspect of the event. 
With the famous array of fabulously glam outfits paraded on the red carpet every year,  2014 Oscars, was no exception in providing ample opportunity for gossip and speculations for fashion lovers on the fashion choices of the stars. 
There were some seriously amazing dresses, some great and some not so great. But regardless, I love them all. If your favourite did not manage to make it here, please know that there were far too many to choose from or to write about, but I have managed to narrow it down to the ones I think were amongst the greatest ones on the night. 
Strictly my Opinion of course. So please feel free to mention or share yours. 

Our current favourite girl, Lupita Nyong'o, who won, best supporting actress, wowed us again, in her custom made baby blue Prada gown that set off her skin tone beautifully and made her look like a goddess. The actress said the Blue of the dress was one that reminded her of Nairobi, Kenya, her home country. Aaawww.....!! 

Look at that dress,!! The cute little headband finished her off outfit very nicely. We just can't get enough of her!!!  
                       Receiving her award and posing for the cameras....I love this chic. 

Now, moving on to other equally beautiful stars that shone too and whose sense of fashion gets better and better, I think the award for 'best improved' and 'lady-like', should go to Lady Gaga, who managed to live up to the first part of her name, 'Lady' very beautifully, in a gorgeous curve hugging dress that accentuated her womanly curves perfectly.......

.....However, although I think she looked wonderful, I believe there must have been a collective gasp of disappointment when she arrived looking 'normal' rather than her usual entertaining, out-of-the-box GaGa! She could have done without the scarf either. Absolutely no need for it as it is rather distracting.

Viola Davis looked great in a green Escada dress. I have to say, this lady is  one actress who I really admire. She's hardly in spotlight that often, but whenever she is spotted, she always looks graceful and charming. 

Pregnant actress and Scandal star, Kerry Washington, looked radiant in a plum/Lilac floor length number by Jason Wu. Showing that being pregnant can be hot too! 

Angelina Jolie and Cate Blanchett, who 'best actress' won for her role in Blue Jasmine, looked peachy perfect in their pale frocks.
Angie wowed us in her gorgeous Elle Saab Haute couture with exquisite beadings, while Blanchett wore an Armani Prive dress, embellished with sequins and gold Swarovski crystals.  

My three favourite women on the Oscars red carpet(excluding Lupita of course) were; Angelina Jolie, (as above), Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron.
Thiers are the three dresses that I think showcased the epitome of femininity and confidence but not overpowering sexiness. I do love understated elegance, me! 
Charlize Theron wore an absolutely fabulous satin and organza Dior Haute Couture gown, with flesh colored straps. Her hair is sleeked back nicely to focus attention on her lovely face and her only piece of jewellery, necklace,  is yummy too. 
For Sandra Bullock, a midnight blue curve hugging Alexander McQueen strapless gown was the choice. With intricate ruching at the front and a delicate train, this gown speaks volumes in taste and style for Sandra. I really do think she's one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. 

These stars, whilst not getting it wrong particularly, just appeared a bit boring. 

1. I'm not sure what Julia Roberts was thinking when she picked this black peplum lace dress by Givenchy. I think she may be trying to show she is a woman of a certain age now, and needs to reflect it in her dress sense?! I don't know really, but I know it looks drab.
                            On the plus side, Julia's skin was glowing and her eyes? Hot!! 

2. Normally, I love red. I'm a huge fan. But I think ladies make the mistake of thinking that the brightness of the Colour makes up for any lack of style in the dress. No so!! Style is as important as colour. Jennifer Lawrence is a firm favourite of mine, but this Dior Haute Coutre dress on her? It bores me.The peplum looks stuck on and does nothing for the dress and It feels like she made no effort in bringing it to life. Then again, she did trip in the dress, so maybe she was still a bit nervy....? 
        On the plus side for Jennifer, her clutch purse and necklace are fab. Loving the hair too. 

3. Guliana Rancic. This Paolo Sebastian dress is gorgeous. I just don't think the Oscars was the right place for it. That's all....!! 
On the plus side? She looks like the perfect princess.....for the right setting. Love the umbrella touch. Singing in the rain anyone?? 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Lupita Nyong'o, the Buzz word in Fashion and Style..!!

The word on everyone’s lips these days is…a name actually: Lupita Nyong’o to be precise! This name is now synonymous with gorgeous high fashion, especially on red carpets and glamorous events.

Born Lupita Amondi Nyong'o, this 30 year old Kenyan actress made her American film debut in Steve McQueen's 12 Years a Slave as ‘Patsey’. A role for which she received critical acclaim and won awards for. She is also tipped for the Oscars too.

With a face so pretty and fresh that it leaves us speechless, Lupita is one of the very few women in the world who can pull off a shaved head glamorously. We are also hailing her as the next fashionista with tons of style and if what we have seen so far on the red carpet is anything to go by, then we are sure you will agree that there’s is more to expect from this bombshell of an actress.

Lupita has graced the red carpet this past month kitted out in an array of top designers and we are yet to see any of them repeated. The actress who shares a stylist with another actress, Michelle Dockery of 'Downtown Abbey', is one of the most luckiest girls ever and has had some right down knockout red carpet numbers with an impressive list of designers worn so far, including; Rodarte, Prada, Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney,, Rouland Mouret, J.Mendel, Mui Mui and top favourites, Mary Katrantzou graphic prints and the Red Caped Ralph Lauren dress, to name a few.

The Business Minded woman... Lupita shows she can look business and ladylike on the red carpet. The burnt orange dress by Anthony Berardi, The Blue Roland Mouret and the gorgeous Stella McCartney's number are all testament to her sense of style and poise.....

Colour me Preetee...! The lady clearly loves her colours, be they bright and happy or cool and classic whites.....and why not? If we had gorgeous skin hue like hers, we would too. This yellow dress by J.Mendel is particularly flavorsome on the actress.

One of the most exciting things about Lupita, is her ability to switch from serious to playfull in her styles of fashion. Here she is in very cute dresses that bring out the 'girly' in her while keeping her cool composure at the same time! 

As a black woman in the public eye, we are very proud of her for upholding her heritage and the natural look in all its glory, especially recently, when there has been a lot of talk surrounding black women who bleach their skin. It is truly refreshing to see someone as pretty as her, shoot down that myth that only fair skin is beautiful.

The lady in, the Sexy Screen Siren rocks a fabulous caped gown by Ralph Lauren. The Colour is oh so exquisite on her skin tone, and that hair.....!! Yes Lupita, you are definitely a Winner.

Lupita Nyong’o is clearly very beautiful as she is talented and although there has been quite a bit of hype surrounding her recently, her acting career is no new thing. She has been around film sets and part of production crews for a while now. As well as acting, she is also a director. In 2009, Lupita wrote, produced and directed a short documentary film, ‘In My Genes’, which was played at many film festivals, documenting the treatment of the Albino persons in Kenya.

Due to appear in Liam Neeson’s upcoming film, ‘Non-Stop’, we can’t wait to see what this beautiful actress will bring to the fashion table to excite us and make our envy as green as one of her many numbers.

Lupita, queen of fashion and Ebony beauty, we hail you!. 

Friday, 3 January 2014

The TEN Most Iconic Screen Costumes....Ever!!

So Christmas is come and gone and the New Year is finally here. Most of us have indulged just a little too much this festive season and now, need to make and keep our new year’s resolutions, which will no doubt include, diet and fitness for a healthy lifestyle.
It is all well and good keeping fit, but if like me you are already feeling the January blues and need a bit of pick me up. Well, check this out.
The British Heart Foundation commissioned a survey for the film costume rated the most iconic of all time. This was done of course, to highlight and raise awareness on coronary heart disease which is the UK’s biggest single killer. The poll showed that the colour ‘RED’ is the key when making a lasting style statement and red is one thing that most of the outfits chosen in the survey, have in common.
The foundations campaign encourages everyone to wear something red; make up, clothes, shoes or even to throw a big red party, on the 7th of February to “Ramp Up The Red” and as it is on a Friday, we truly do not see any problems with that. So look at the costumes that made the list and then watch the films again. Nothing like a feel good movie and popcorn in a warm cosy spot to help banish your post festive season blues. Don’t say we don’t love you.
PS// However you decide to help the British Heart Foundation raise awareness for coronary heart disease, please remember it is all for a good cause. Drink and be merry….sensibly

                            MOST ICONIC SCREEN/FILM COSTUMES EVER....

The first spot goes to everyone’s (well, mostly everyone’s) favourite of all time; 
Marilyn Monroe’s Seven Year Itch Dress.
The white halter neck created by designer, William Travilla in the 1955 film was made famous by Marilyn, when she paired it with bright red lips and stood over a subway grill with a gust of wind blowing it up. It is admittedly, one of the most iconic images in most people’s minds when they think of Marilyn Monroe and so, can rightfully claim that top spot.


2    There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home’…. Most people I’m sure, remember the ‘Wizard of Oz’ and the adorable Dorothy (played by Judy Garland) and her crew. With such fond memories, it is no wonder that Dorothy's bright red slippers and her blue gingham dress made it into the number 2 spot of this survey.  Let’s be fair though, it is really a heartwarming sight that is and oh, the memory it brings….

3.      Olivia Newton John’s outfit as the character, Sandy in the 1978 film, ‘Grease’, with John Travolta, made the third entry in the survey. Oh yeah girls, we do remember bad, naughty sandy. When she’s good, she’s good, but when she’s bad…..ooooh!!  Every good girl wanted to be sandy in her skin tight all black second skin get up. Except for her shoes of course. They were bright red mules. Need we say more??

4.    Number four is every girls dream. Well, any girl who has ever, like me, dreamt of being a 007 girl. Oh yeah, Ursula Andress was the envy of every bond girl wannabe in ‘Dr No’.  She may not have worn red, but we believe every man saw red when they saw her…and so did most girls too, come to think of it!

5.    Audrey Hepburn's black Hubert de Givenchy cocktail dress in the 1961 film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s made number five on the list. I know what you are thinking; the accessories…but you really cannot imagine that dress without seeing necklace in your minds eyes now, could you? I rest my case.

6.   Thanks to Pamela Anderson and the girls of Baywatch, Bright red swim ‘onesie’ costumes became a cool sex symbol outfit. Coming in at number six, it is truly, very memorably iconic.

7.     When we hear Thriller, we think M.J, in that cool all red (and black) get up. Now there’s an image that’s as iconic as they come. Yep, Michael Jackson's Thriller video outfit made it in at number seven on this survey. Remember how scary they were?!!

8.     No one, and I mean no one, can make a red dress with a thigh high split sexier than Jessica Rabbit. That outfit in ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit’ was one of the most remembered outfits ever. Jessica Rabbits figure? To die for. Errr hold on, we are still talking about a cartoon character right? (shrug) Still, I’m jealous. Sue me!

9.     Pair a black micro mini skirt with a thigh high patent leather boots, and what do you get? Julia Robert’s character’s ensemble in the 1990 flick, Pretty Woman, with Richard Gere, at number 9, made us all dream of our very own prince charming too. Go on, don’t deny it.

1       Grace Kelly was always regal looking on screen and quite frankly, no one dress said it better than her black and white gown in the 1954 film, Rear Window. Showcasing her figure to perfection, at number 10, she is firmly one of our style favourite of all time.