Sunday, 30 June 2013

Summer Vibes : Viberate by Ouchman J featuring Da Suspeckt.

Ouchman j is back again this time with another fresh tune "Vibrate"
 featuring the CAPitalHill Music Gang "Da Suspekt" produced by Da suspekt himself.

Download and lets here your thoughts on this one.

Download here



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Our Chief Editor Faustina had a chat with Duchess TV, hear what she had to say.

It has been a journey with putting together C.hub magazine. It has also been us interviewing others, but today we are on the answering side. Our Chief Editor and co-Founder Faustina chats with the Duchess TV Nena Ubani on the amazing journey of being a mum, chief editor, author, poet, and finding MBW PR. How does she pull it all together. Lets hear her. But be warned she is very shy on camera. "Its a lot relaxing talking to thousands of people than sitting there chatting with just her" she says. You see what I mean. Better to ask than to be asked. lol.

Can you be the bikini Afro chic this summer? Yes you can!

With summer finally here and the sun doing its thing blazing with the heat that we've been waiting for, its is now more than important that you make the most of it while it last.
We bring you our tip on how to be the Afro chic making the head turners at the beach or pool whatever your destination.

 With the perfect sculptured body checked, the right Ankara bikini sorted, here is your summer to go girl.

Add some cute over the top accessories to your glam to keep the focus on the right places. You can't go wrong with this.

With your brow, manicure, and hairs all done, you are on top of the world. Aren't you. Next make sure your heels are handy to give your stride the smooth cat moves that keep heads turning only for the right reasons.

All said, you're still your own boss remember. Now walk tall, heads up, shoulders high like no one else exist, go on have a dip and out you walk. You are the Afro chic after all!

Bikini designed ------- Adama Paris
Costume Jewelry ----- Anita Quansah
Photographer     ------Sinem
Event: Irock Tribes of Africa.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dentaa Amoateng the African Woman in Europe award worthy recipient

Dentaa the winner of this year's 'African Woman in Europe award ' epitomizes the multitasking woman.  Her list of credentials, works and activities keeps growing. She is an entrepreneur, actress, TV personality, founder of the annual Ghana UK Based achievers award (GUBA)  and also the manager for the former Sunderland striker Asamoah Gyan. She has been called a visionary, female icon to the British African Community.
The 30 year old Ghanaian born entrepreneur is also a graduate Pediatric Nurse, moved into the entertainment industry first as an actress, gospel singer and then as a TV presenter. Creating her own show - Dentaa show and on at the hem of the music talent show in Ghana - 'Mentor'. Yet the mother of 3 still finds time to care for the sick.
In 2011, she was named the 'young social entrepreneur of the year in the future 100 awards with her work with Guba which she founded in 2009 and her involvement with working with numerous charities.
The African women in Europe award reflects a positive image of African women as intelligent, hardworking, multi-tasking, ambitious, and socially aware. Dentaa who is happy and grateful for being honored with this award says, 'I am proud to live up to these ideals and serve as a role model to African women everywhere.

Dentaa will be presented with AWE award at a glittering ceremony in London on Saturday 29th of June at Holiday Inn - Kensington Forum. Tickets are £45.00 only and can be obtained here

Africa Fashion week London is here again: All you need to know.

This year on it 3rd edition, Africa Fashion week London has proven to be the true representation of African fashion. Showcasing the very best of African designs and African inspired designs.
Africa fashion week is not just a fashion show, It sets itself apart from the lot by its way of pushing boundaries for African fashion and talents- both designers, models and all in the industry.
This year however is more special than whatever you may have known or heard of it.  We have been tipped of a sizzling 3 good days of authentic fashion experience, in the hip and happening Shoreditch  bringing to the world 100 designers on the runway, over 100 exhibitors spread across old Truman Brewery's massive indoor space topped with over 20,000 spectacularly vibrant guests expected.
Added to the taste is also introduction of patrons for the event. This year we have - mrs Fifi Ejindu, Nigerian based architect and businesswoman together with Yinka Shonibare MBE  - London based globally celebrated Nigerian fine artist.

Dates: 1 to 3rd August 2013.

Tickets are now on sale :
Face of AFWL 2013 here:

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Passion for Motherland an event to raise funds for the charity 'Save The Congo'

Passion for motherland is a platform created to bring like minded individuals together to celebrate, network, and discover new talents in fashion, music and poetry.  Founded by International Congolese award winning model Lisette Mibo to raise fund and awareness for the charity 'Save The Congo', where she currently serves as the 'Good-will Ambassador'.
'Save the Congo' is a charity campaigning to tackle the four major humanitarian  issues in Congo land - Killing, Raping, uprooting and abuses of women and young girls.

Date: 10th August 2013Venue: 17 - 25 New Inn Yardland, EC2A 3EATime: 6-10pmTicket: £7.00 advance, £10.00 at the door.For more info contact the event organizers: 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Janet Jackson to help Unicef raise fund for children in Central and West Africa.

Grammy award winning and Oscar nominated artist and global superstar Janet Jackson will be lending her talent and powerful voice to support UNICEF'S bid to raise $248million in providing humanitarian assistance in the Sahel region of West and Central Africa where children are at risk of severe malnutrition due to chronic drought, war and rising prices of food.
Speaking, Janet Jackson says, "we are facing a silent emergency . So many children are at risk of losing their lives in this region, we must act now to save and protect these vulnerable children".
Last year, 800,000 children's lives were saved by UNICEF from the menace of malnutrition in the Sahel region - Mauritius, Niger, Cameroon, The Gambia Nigeria, and Senegal. The largest intervention of its kind in history of the region.

African youths against Big Brother Africa reality TV Show as immorality becomes the order of the day.

Big brother Africa reality TV show has been branded porn house, drug den, immoral show aimed at corrupting and demeaning the dignity of the African Youth. In an open letter to DSTV signed by millions of African youths asking for a fresh, educating and creative platform where youths can debate and come up with solutions to Africa's poverty, corrupt governments, and other problems.

The letter reads:
We urge and plead with all African youths, lets ask DSTV to give us a BBA where African youths go and discuss, proffer solutions to solve Africa's numerous problems, not this morally loose show where parents who can't keep their relationships go in to show their breasts, drug addicts, porn stars, ill mannered people mix up and get rewarded. Having sex in the public with somebody who is not their spouses. The demon of immorality has etched its ugly head into the show, hence the next sane option is to nip the programme in the bud. 
The BBA is all immoral behaviour and that is why it attracts lots of fans. They even prefer open sex everyday.There is no single thing to learn from this show, they just have sex and immorality. It's time we ignore it and speak up against it, for what its worth. 
How long it takes to imbibe a habit is 21 days and BBA runs for 90 days, subtly making people addicts to bad habits.. Please let us say NO to TV shows without value. Reality shows with immorality is a NO NO for the AFRICAN YOUTH."


This Note has been signed by millions already and we urge you to leave your comments in support  to remove this show if you agree with it.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Neleen Strauss award winner at Women4Africa on how she became the most successful African woman in London and starting High timber restaurant.

It wasn't a typical London weather. The day was bright not too sunny and wasn't windy or rainy as well. A perfect day to meet the warm hearted woman behind High Timber Restaurant - the only restaurant in London city with tables on the banks of the thames. Just at the heart of the city , a brief walk from St Paul's Cathedral and London stock exchange.
As we approached from the North side of the millennium bridge, we could already sight Neleen casually dressed, relaxed and cheerful. Just at the entrance, she reaches out to welcome us with a big warm smile and a handshake.  The entire setting and surrounding of the restaurant betrays they owner's simplicity, charm and sense of a tastefully high standards. A scene that says 'all is welcomed'. But on the other hand you are first going to be intimidated except you have the brave shoulders and taste for good things. No wonder the big shots of the city have spotted high timber as the perfect hide away from all of it in the city hassles.
In our chat with her, Neleen speaks of her starting the restaurant business, being a white African woman, her love for Africa, her winning all sorts of awards, the need for Africa to rise on her feet, her advice to the African woman and how above all she stays sure footed in a male dominated business.

On starting High Timber restaurant and staying successful and pulling in the top notch of the city.

Its barely 5 years since the doors of High Timber was opened for business but today, Neleen has become one of the most successful restaurant managers in London and has turned it into a global sensation, having survived two major recessions.
 How do you do it?
Simple. I stay honest and put in a whole lot of my time on it. I recognise who I am and stay firm on what I believe in. Being a female in a male dominated business does not mean anything to me. It's just like white and black. I don't see the difference. Maybe because I went to an all girls school.
Are you a strong person?
Yes. I never give up.
'She is obviously hands on wearing a pair of blue jeans a simple shirt and a white hand towel on her back pocket. Yes, its easier for me to be casual and on jeans while working, I can wipe my hands on them. She excuses herself going back and forth to check on the excavation going on at the basement'.
Aside from me, I have a very good manager who is hands on too. She pulls everything together. She is awesome she says. I also recruit my staff based on good looks and skills. They have to be looking good and is vast in knowledge, should know beyond being a waiter or waitress. But my cook has to know his skill because good looks is not going to make you a good soup. (laughing). Also I make sure the understand more about Africa and they have to be interested to know about Africa.
Do you have a background in restaurant business?
I studied drama and acting while in the university though I was a waitress in Johannesburg while studying.
What makes High Timber different from the lot?
Like I said we do our business based on honesty and specialising on what we know best. We deal specifically on South African wine.
What is in South African wine that makes it a world class?
I think the guys that do it have put in a lot of effort. Its still a few supplies in the world but I think they've done so well.
How expensive is it to dine here?
It's not that expensive. It all depends on how much you want to spend. It's still based on African concept.  I believe if you have something to celebrate go ahead and do it, if you have something to break, break it, not everyone's got it.
Who is your most famous customer?
Our most famous customer is certainly not Oprah Winfrey. I served her once in Johannesburg. We've had Patricia Atkinson, Matthew Johnson - Englands Rugby winning champion.  We get a lot of lawyers, politicians and we've had the England most famous Opera singer - Brent * here as well.
And they just walk in, sit down and place their orders?
Yes. We're always cheerful and courteous to our customers. There's this man he has always come here and we didn't know who was until one day he gave his business card to another customer and he was the chief of the chief of banks.
If you were Black skinned African, do you think you would have been this successful in the business?
Maybe no. Because I'm white, I relate better with the whites and because I am African and grew up as one I am able to relate with the Blacks too so yeah I think that's a plus. You know sometimes the white racists get caught up with me when they say things they may not have said before a Black Africa. There was this woman she came here and was enjoying her wine. As soon as she knew it was a South African wine, she went aaarrrggghhh! I gently said what is it? She went oh! so I have been taking a drink from Africa? I said what was wrong with that, she said Africa is filth. Then I lost my cool and asked her to leave my restaurant immediately of course after paying for her meal. I don't tolerate people insulting my homeland. You could feel what you want but you don't say such things before me.

Neleen on racism, apartheid, slavery, colonialism and Africa's stand in the world. How do you feel with the constant bombardment of negative media coverage on Africa?
I hate it. But Africa has to start doing something for her self . There's not a single country in Africa that is 100% reliant on another country. Africa has everything , enough to feed the rest of the world . Yes apartheid left a horrible legacy of all behind but we must stop blaming apartheid, we must stand on our feet. And yes we can blame colonialism for the tribes fighting each other but its over now. We must stop whining and move on. We have to get the corrupt leaders back on their backs . They don't look after they people that voted them.
If you are made the leader of Africa today what will be your priority?
Education. If you can read and write, you've got the whole world on your palm. But if you can't, people can tell you anything and you believe it. If you have quality education, you can take on the corrupt leaders.
How important is it for you to promote Africa?
Its very important for me.I am an African . I might not be as dark as other Africans but my parents are Africans and I grew up on African soil. I may have all the passports in the world but I remain an African. It annoys me when people think Africa is a dark hole. Someone once said, I envy those that haven't been to Africa because they have a lot to look forward to. And its a fact.

Neleen on relaxing, fashion, life and what's next.

Do you relax at all?
I rarely do. I never truly switch off.
What else do you do if at all you have a spare time?
I travel a lot. I love to go to Verona. There's a restaurant there that I fall in love with. I love New York and make no mistake and London too.
Ok between New York and London which comes first?
Of course London is a home.
Do you read and what do you read about?
I read a lot of business when am on the internet and I listen to Sky news a lot to get updates Africa if it's not too depressing.
Do you write as well?
Yes I do but not for anyone to see it (Laughing)
I mean I have had some published works but not that I'm that good.
What does fashion mean to you?
A lot. I love dressing up when i go to the theatre. The most important factor is it must feel good on the body. I love to smell good.
Who is your favourite designer?
Armani. I love Armani clothing.
Will you do it again, that is another restaurant?
Yes.  It's nice when the economy is good we are happy.  This is the only business that you advertise your product, the customer makes his choice, you make the product, and get paid for it, all in 2 hours and you make a friend. If restaurant business goes right, it feels good.
So yes, we may go to New York. They must all represent the good side of Africa.
What's your mantra?
what you give out is what you get back. What you put in is what you get out. Be good to others and they be good to you. And this applies in all aspect of life.

Neleen on the African woman.

You are beautiful and special. Believe in yourself and don't let anyone put you down. Don't take rubbish from overbearing African men. Stand up for yourself. You are the one who bears the children, and raise them up, ... You know no one quite understands the African woman.  She is not like a Norwegian woman that goes off in to work and comes back in. The African woman keeps everything together . They are just fantastic. They have the sun in their eyes and in their heart. Soft at heart.The African woman is like an elephant trampling over a match patch in the mud, when the sun comes out, the mattress dries up and it comes back clean. African woman is the best.
High Timber offers also space for private dining and meetings for organisations and individuals who want some privacy.
To experience the simple yet luxury feel of High Timber Restaurant visit the web site here.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Longines holds its first ladies Awards night,

Longines Ladies Awards 2013
The award ceremony took place on saturday in the luxury surrounding of the Chateau de Chantilly in the presence of an audience of prestigious guests and saw 3 super ladies awarded for their work in favour of the horse world in their respective fields.
Longines has long been known for its relationship with the Horse world, when in 1878, in one of its first ever produced chronograph featured a jockey with his mount . Since then, Longines has had its watch brand on the racetracks.
Evidently, the swiss watchmaker has created a new prestigious award intended to honor women leaders in favour of the horse world. Differentiating elegance from the consecration of a career in equine cause.

Find out more about longines watches here:
C.Hub issue 3
C.Hub magazine: C.Hub issue 3

Friday, 14 June 2013

Choice FM DJ Abrantee on citysafe campaign.

Join Choice FM's Dj Abrantee & Guests 

For the CitySafe Campaign

A revolutionary project from City Safe Ambassador and Choice FM's radio presenter & DJ, ABRANTEE!!!

Tyeisha Litambola's brother Bob Litambola was killed in a street attack 5 years ago aged 17. Now she’s part of the CitySafe campaign and says; 
"Safety in our communities is something we have to work on for our brothers, sisters, cousins, families, neighbours and our future generation"

C.Hub issue 3
C.Hub magazine: C.Hub issue 3

Thursday 20th June, Coulsdon College, Surrey will be the first stop for the Choice FM presenter and DJ, Abrantee who has managed to rope in additional support from fellow entertainers requested by each school which include May7venVibe Squad plus many more.
"I am truly honoured to be part of the city safe campaign as I understand the importance of promoting a safer London to the young generation” Says DJ Abrantee.
Thanks to the hard work of young people across London there are over 300 CitySafe Havens and 62 CitySafe Zones. 
Through the CitySafe campaign young people and adults work together to; encourage local businesses and organisations to offer their premises as CitySafe Havens and pledge to report 100% of crime. 
As an ambassador DJ Abrantee goal is for communities to build stronger relationships 
with their peers, the police and neighbourhood organisations, strengthening their CitySafe Zone and organise events that 
facilitate dialogue between police and young people, led by CitySafe champions.

Blend out 'It's Your Moves' with Lexus IS 2014.

Entirely new and different designed to be visually provocative is Lexus IS 2014 launched yesterday to be showcased in showrooms from July comes with the supporting TV spots deliberately defiant to depart from the status quo.
This third generation IS features the bold new styling and dynamic driving characteristics now evident in the Lexus lineup. Brian Smith, the president of marketing for Lexus says, "The TV spots capture the emotion engineered into the IS and challenge customers with 'It's Your Moves'."

C.Hub issue 3
C.Hub magazine: C.Hub issue 3

Fifa Unveils the official countdown clock of the 2014 world cup Brazil.

On Wednesday, at exactly T minus 365 days to the kickoff of the world’s largest single-sport event, hublot chairman, Jean-Claude Biver together with FIFA Secretary General, Pelé, football legend,ambassador to the UN as well as UNESCO and Hublot Ambassador for the FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil, Aldo Rebelo, Brazilian Minister of Sports, Luiz Fernando Pezão, vice-governor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, Mayor of the City of Rio de Janeiro, Ricardo Niemeyer, grandson of Oscar Niemeyer, Ana Lucia Niemeyer, Oscar Niemeyer’s granddaughter and President of the Oscar Niemeyer Foundation on the most famous of waterfronts, the Copacabana, jointly unveil one of the event’s stand-out symbols: the official countdown clock of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.

C.Hub issue 3
C.Hub magazine: C.Hub issue 3

Is that a perfect gift for dad?

When Debenhams put 1000 members of their design team customer facing panel, the result of how we behave when it comes to buying a present for the dads can be not so fairy. The research noted that although Dad's are being short changed, retailers are still see a slight rise on the number of people shopping for father's day. However, the spend has remained lower than last year. With kids spending £4.00 less than they did last year. If compared to what mums got, mums are still coming out on top; with the average spend for a Mother’s Day gift this year coming in at a generous £21.

So we ask, what are you getting your dad, your husband or brother this father's day. Before you get him that have you checked if  that is enough to thank him for being the best dad? but Disa Blackburn, Head of Gift Buying at Debenhams says; “It seems poor Dads are getting a raw deal when it comes to Father’s Day gifts and the gap in spending is only get bigger.”
“After years of Dad duties, such as being a living, breathing cash point and a 24 hour taxi service it’s time we make an effort at making our fathers feel special.”
“Dads are notoriously hard to buy for and our research shows that this is often the reason why they are forgotten – Mum’s on the other hand have a much more diverse range of gift options.”

C.Hub issue 3
C.Hub magazine: C.Hub issue 3
Topping the buyers list for dads this Father's day at Debenhams are 
1. Socks.
2. Slippers.
3. Pyjamas.
4. Aftershave.
5. Leather goods; wallets, belts

There has also been noted the geographical trend in shopping for the father's day .
People in the North of England are three times more likely to buy a Father’s Day gift than the south, and the average gift spend is much higher at £19. Hull has come out on top as having the biggest spenders, the study shows.

But think of it, wherever you are, whatever you're doing this weekend, why not get dad something for the best dad he has been. 

For father's day gift ideas, its worth looking around