Friday, 4 April 2014

The DIVA Collection; For all the women that you are!

Divas of Colour 2014 has come and gone, but we still remember the inspirational women (and men) who turned up for the event, and the different categories and shapes and sizes and characters they came in too. 
We know women play and answer to many roles in this lifetime, ranging from daughter, sister, aunt, wife, sister/daughter-in-law, employee, employer and the ultimate, mother and maybe, mother-in-law too. Phew..! what a list eh? 
Most women wear these many titles effortlessly, whilst others do struggle a bit. 
But however many things you have to tick off your checklist of things to do and do well, your wardrobe need not be one of them. Here, we have helped pick out some staples to give you inspirations for all the different women that you need to be on different days. Show the world all the many Divas that is inside you!!! 

1.'Girly Diva'. Young and chic @Heart. For those days when you feel like the same sweet school girl every boy fell in love with. It's in your carefree dress sense. No fuss, no pomp, but with all the 'girlishness' that can be found in you. You are the epitome of youth and health. Smooth skin and shiny hair, young and fresh....its all you.

2.Yummy Mummy Diva. When you are just feeling on top of the world. Kids are healthy, family is settled, you feel a little less pressured. You want to let your hair down with the girls and show your gorgeous self some deserved attention, stylishly but without going crazy. Enjoy it, it may only last until the kids come home from school, but with this style, it's very easy to pick up where you left off. (wink...!)


3. Boss Diva: Some call you the CEO. You are your own boss. You work in a male dominated industry, but you will not let them forget you are a woman. You always power dress, but without compromising your sexiness or your feminine curves. You do work-to-party dressing so effortlessly. Minimal but powerful jewellery if any.You are the woman every girl aspires to be. You do not wish to compete with the men for domination of power because you know they know you are all brains behind that beauty. You are strong, you are independent, you are the Boss Diva. 

4. Glam Diva: You are a glam diva and you make no excuses for it. You like being flirtatious and having a great time and you want the world to join in. You work hard and know that when it's time to party, you do it because you deserve it. Your sex appeal is in your freedom to be you. You are most likened to Marilyn Monroe, but that's ok with you, because as you know, she was a power house of brains behind all that jazz! Glitter, glitz and glamour all the way for you. You are a Glam Diva! 


5. Urban Diva: you are the one that your conventional mother-in-law just loves. You represent a chic modern woman without compromising on your femininity. You don't power struggle with her for her son's attention (or so she thinks). You are sweet without being overly so. Your colours are low key, but with hints of your power in the accessories you pick. You are chic, but you do the urban girl look oh so pretty well. You are a Sugar Sweet Urban Diva.

1. Girly Diva.  
Lace collar dress; Jaeger. Mini satchel and wedge sandals; both Dune.
2. Yummy Mummy Diva. 
Texured red dress; Jaeger. Tan, nude and black tote bag; Marks and Spencer. Tan wedge sandals, Dune.
3. Boss Diva.
Zipped down Leather dress; Kardashian Kollection at Clutch purse; Boticca. Shoes; Pied a Terre.
4. Glam Diva.
Sequined skirt dress, Glam Sequined clutch purse,Monsoon. Nude glitter sandals, Lipsy
5. Urban Diva.
Yellow dress, Multi-strand, multi-coloured necklace, Penneys. Multi coloured  patch shoes, Moda in Pelle. 


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