Monday, 10 December 2012

World's first sound system in a jacket designed to cob theft by C.Vox

 25th November saw a new dawn in fashion techno take over as debenhams UK launches the world's first jacket with a built in sound system completely machine washable by Communique Vox.

Vox combines a stylish jacket with state of the art sound system and hands free creating a complete fashion freedom of its own. This is an idea he believes will help cob the 25% rise in mobile phone and gadgets thefts in the city  for the first 8 months of this year with more than 264 mobile phones theft reported each day.

"We are thrilled to be offering such an innovative product to our customers . It is the perfect safety conscious way to conceal gadgets whilst still being able to freely use them  in public, it's a must have item for commuters" says Paul Baldwin, head of menswear buying for debenhams.

The Jacket Features:

 A connector point in the pocket which is compatible with all mobile phones and MP3 players and allow the wearer to connect and conceal the devise.

A built in washable speaker, microphone and control system on the sleeve allows the wearer to skip, pause and play music as well as answer and hang up calls.

Earphones are wired through the jacket and concealed in the collar to avoid any unnecessary tangling.

This is a perfect Christmas must have. Available now at and price ranges from £33 for boys and £65 for Men.

Speaking to the spokes person for the designer C.Vox, Mr Peter Layzell says; “The C.VOX range has been created to push the boundaries in functional technology and fashion. We look forward to developing and launching new clothing lines with the latest innovations and trends for the coming seasons.”

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