Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Jocelyn Williams a local dressmaker turns her designs to high fashion sort after .

Showcasing at the Fashions finest London fashion week could be Jocelyn's biggest achievement in getting her brand the exposure it needs. But if she thinks her biggest achievement was this then she will have to think again. For us her biggest achievement is giving these designs the unique and personal touch that can only be described as epic. No wonder heads were turning from left to right in astonishment and admiration. In our chat, Jocelyn tells C.Hub how she has developed and grown her brand and the journey through and out of the so called local designer to becoming an international fashion brand that her collection has fast become.

Jocelyn 27 originally from Welshpool embarked on her design ambition from the tender age of 14. With the enthusiasm, she went on to work at Laura Ashley and also designing for the Welsh National Opera. Later, she went on to work in Australia under a New York fashion label for 2 years after which she returned to the UK to pursue her design dreams.

Since then, Jocelyn have continued to create designs after designs. Due to the growing demand she says, I have decided to expand my designs including creating bespoke wedding dresses and reproducing key pieces made to order.

How this young woman comes up with the design concepts is something that could not escape my thought. "Describing my design concepts, I would say, the fabric is lyrically composed together to create flow from structure. My latest collection features pieces inspired by the durable, home-made work cloths of Victorian times with an elegant twist.Most of my designs come to life on the body giving more definition to the necessary areas".

What does this fast becoming designer want to achieve in the shortest time? 
"I hope to inspire a revival in home made clothes making, believing in the importance of protecting our British fashion heritage".

And speaking to fellow designers, Jocelyn says, "don't be afraid to cut fine fabrics and don't be afraid to make mistakes. You may end up with a happy accident.

Currently, Jocelyn is preparing to launch her collection in Sydney whilst continuing to offer clothing designs and dressmaking workshops around the county.

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