Saturday, 23 March 2013

Six Women, One Panel....


What happens when six very powerful women are placed on one panel to share life experiences and more?
Well, women4Africa, in honour of International Women’s Month, put this question to the test by teaming up with Lambeth Council and produced what was called ’a life-changing conference’  titled ; ‘Strengthening our communities through Strong Motherhood’. The result was explosive!!!

Many people have asked for more of such conferences because the issues raised and tackled were so real and very, very close to home. The panelists gave real life-changing speeches that left the audience speechless and applauding to a standing ovation at the same time.
Among the topics addressed were; domestic violence, rape, teen pregnancy, death of mothers during child birth, to name a few.  The topics were received with the out-most support and reciprocal interactions by the audience.

The amazing panel was made up of: Founder of the Girl Child Network worldwide Betty Makoni, HRH Queen Naa TsoTsoo I, Artist and Entrepreneur May7ven, CEO of AMREF UK Samara Hammond, Artist and Women4Africa’s Young Peoples Ambassador Roucheon Iloyi and Women4Africa Founder Tola Onigbanjo.

Sam Onigbanjo with HRH, Queen Naa Tso Tsoo 1

The 'wise' one doing her thing. Tola Onigbanjo addressing the audience .

Also in attendance were some very prominent names including; Councillor Lorna Campbell, Councillor Ade Aminu, HRH Princess ‘Deun Adedoyin -Solarin, Atiti Sosimi, Colin and Fikelephi Jackson, as well as the founder of Glowing Future, Mary Akangbe and other notable guests.
The great Panelists, Special guests and Councillors at the event.
To say that it was an enjoyable experience would be an understatement. You only have to look around you and see the passion with which everyone was lapping up the talks, as well joining in the discussions, to know that this really was a life changing event.

A life changing event with explosive topics that had the audience deeply engrossed and absorbed all through!!

But like all good things, the conference had to come to an end, to the regret of everyone who attended, and although it is very difficult to put all that happened in a few lines in summary of the event, it can easily be agreed by all that the theme for the conference was;  
‘No matter where or what you have been through, someone else has been there and you don’t have to stay there’!!!

The explosive night was hosted by Sam Onigbanjo Founder Women4Africa and concluded with a standing ovation and calls from everyone for more of this conference as often as possible…..Watch this space!

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