Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Vanessa Agyemang becomes the Top model of colour season 7 Winner.


The news reaching us now has it that Priscilla Shote the named winner for the season 7 TMC has stepped down citing personal issues as her reason. 

Vanessa who from the minute the competition began was the people's choice winner has now been named as the winner. This is a twist every member of the audience the night of the competition will be more than happy to hear. Beaming with smiles, Vanessa is so delighted to take her place knowing she is a born winner. 
Congratulatory messages from fans and friends have continued to pour on her facebook and twitter . Among those celebrating with Vanessa are our very own Chief Editor Faustina Anyanwu leaving the message for Vanessa, 'Congratulations Vanessa, so they people were right'. Also  other messages were left by fellow contestants Shelby Scarlet who wrote,'Well done Vanessa'., and from Paula Souza , 'wowwwwwwwwwww;)))))))).

The twist has also change remarkably the total result and now the winners are as follows,

1.    Vanessa Agyemang – New TMC Winner
2.    Elizabeth Ofoaiye – Runner Up
3.    Samantha Bennett is 3rd
4.    Nkechi Okakpu is 4th
5.    Paula Sousa is 5th

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