Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Brixton Shooting: Housing officers shot by resident, Chuka Umunna MP speaks.

Police on guard at the scene on Strathleven Road
Image credit: Brixton blog.
Eye witness reports have it that two housing officers were chased and shot at by the resident in a house in Brixton. The incident is said to have left a 60year old man and a 59 year old woman wounded as they try to force a man out of a house in Brixton. Police investigation has been launched as London Metropol guards the street.
Speaking on the sad incident, Mr Chuka Umunna the MP in the constituency says in a statement, " Our whole community will be deeply shocked by this terrible incident, and everyone living locally will be wishing those who have been injured a speedy recovery.
It is very important that those who provide housing and related services can do their jobs without living in fear, never mind without suffering extreme violence of this type." He went on to say, " This is a sad example of the clear need to rid our society of guns and the scourge of gun violence"

Chuka Umunna MP was elected as the member of parliament for the Streatham in May 2010 becoming the first MP for the constituency to have grown in the area.

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