Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Lisette Mibo joins the league of super models as she wins the model of the year for the second time.

Known for her hard work and lovable personality, Lisette yet again has proven why she deserves to be named among world super models. For the second time, she wins the model of the year. First at the beffta awards and now at the congolese achievement awards.

Accepting the award, in her usual gentle grateful approach, Lisette sends her gratitude to all who have voted and supported her. In her long flowing orange colour block dress designed by the award winning designer Mr Albert Martincich, Lisette looked heavenly, beautiful, and adorable. With all smiles and warmth she graced the red carpet looking proud of herself. Lisette also noted that we are going to see more of her doing what she loves. A promise that she looked like she meant every bit of it.

She is photographed by Roman Hajduk and seraphim ENT.

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